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Mission Statement

The mission of the Lee Family Association is to bring unity to the posterity of John Doyle Lee through assisting one another in our commitment to the principles of Jesus Christ as well as remembering Lee's remarkable life including devotion to God, family, and his fellowman.




The John D. Lee Family Association was organized soon after 1990.  From then until now, a family reunion has been typically held every other year.  With the posterity having expanded in numbers and across diverse geographical locations, it has become more difficult for all who desire to attend the bi-annual reunions to be able to do so.  Thus this year as part of the celebration of the 200th birthday of JDL, we add a new communication vehicle to exist in conjunction with the ongoing family reunions:  the launch of a brand new website introducing enhanced technologies to aid in encouraging and further promoting family unity.  This will include live streaming video of reunions, archives of recorded video sessions from previous reunions, digitized copies of family newsletters from the past as well as other features. 

Presidency - Leadership


Newell K. Richardson



Wallace A. Lee

1st Vice-President


Lenny Brinkerhoff

2nd Vice-President

President's Message


Thinking of the need we each have to share especially with the descendants of John Doyle Lee, we believe it is good.  That need to share comes to the top like a layer of cream on home-produced milk. It rises especially as I read from his own words what he lived and how he lived.  He wrote consistently of that which he lived and knew. Whether he thought of me and us as we read his words, I can only guess.  But my guess is that his connection with his sons, daughters and their offspring has not dimmed over time, even as his body is laid in the ground in the Panguitch, Utah cemetery.


Many of us have driven the few roads south off the highway through Panguitch, standing quietly, thinking.  The need to know your thoughts at that moment becomes very keen.  Some say with emphasis, “Forget the past -- look to the future -- the present is where we live.” And so it is. We agree with Gordon B. Hinckley, in his 1999 address and prayer at the re-dedication of the MM Monument. Now it is accepted as a National Historical  Site.  At least most of us recognize the need to “Let it go, John”.  


Our hope again, as many of us meet together, representing thousands of Lee Descendants, that “Remembering and with Reconciliation” be said and said again in the coming Lee Family Reunion.  On this website a statement of the Mission of the Lee Family Organization is made clear.  That statement invites careful thought.  It was formed with a  purpose:  that each family member who reads it may receive it as his or her own.  We have the option.  We may read it and discard it.  Or, we may see the eternal nature of those words and be “reconciled to the good” and “let it go, John”.  We may trust in Him who is the Eternal Judge.  This may bring the peace we all desire.